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Adhesion Promoters

The SurAChem adhesion promoters are liquid silane-based adhesion enhancing systems, developed especially to apply with the SurABond adhesives and SurACer coatings but also with other utilizing products. The SurAChem adhesion promoters are appropriate for metal, glass, ceramic and, after appropriate activation, for plastic surfaces. The application of the adhesion promoters should be carried out by spraying, dip coating, roll coating or at smaller components by brush, cotton swap or similar to achieve a thin adhesion promoter layer. After evaporation of the solvent, the adhesive or coating can be applied in liquid form, hot-melt or powder.

The SurAChem adhesion promoters are available in bottles, starting from 250 ml and are in unopened condition at +5 °C stable for at least 6 months after delivery.

Furthermore, the surface to be coated can be effectively activated by a silication flame-treatment with the pretreatment devices SurAChem VG 02 and VG 03 or greater pretreatment units and systems. The surface pretreatment (SurASil process) ensures the generation of a high-energy silicate layer (layer thickness max. 100 nm) on the material surface via flame pyrolysis and increases, thus, significantly the adhesion on glues, coatings and printing inks.


Ideal for adhesives and coating based on epoxy, polyurethane and polyester

The universal adhesion promoter, also for silicones

Adhesion Promoter SurAChem GH 144
Adhesion Promoter SurAChem GE 141

Ideal for UV-curable adhesives and coatings e.g., based on acrylates

Ideal for adhesives and coatings based on SH/En-, polysulfide- or vulcanisable polymers 

Adhesion Promoter SurAChem GS 145
Adhesion Promoter SurAChem GM 138

Ideal for epoxy- and polyurethane adhesives and coatings 

The chemical immersion technique for aluminum surfaces 

Adhesion Promoter SurAChem GA 139
Adhesion Promoter SurAChem 5250
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