Our Company

SurA Chemicals GmbH, founded in 1998, is a medium-sized chemical company with a broad product range and is located in the high-tech region of Jena. The company is one of the leading producers and suppliers of protective and decorative coatings, adhesives, special chemicals such as hydrophobic agents and adhesion promoters, systems and equipment for surface pretreatment, as well as contract manufacturing for the development and production of customer-specific products.

Our customers arise from various fields of applications and range from major automotive suppliers to smaller companies in the advertising industry. The fields of our technologies and products are focused on the sectors of chemical industry, automotive industry, electrical engineering, healthcare, optics, glass processing, plastics processing, printing industry, graphics industry and solar technology.

Our products comply with the RoHS directive and are registered according to the REACH regulation. The devices manufactured in our house are CE-marked.

Furthermore, we are partners  in national and international research projects and cooperate with large companies and institutes from various countries.


SurA Chemicals GmbH is TÜV certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015

SurA Chemicals GmbH

Coatings, Surface Pretreatment Technologies, Doming Resins, Doming Technology, Adhesives, Hydrophobic Agents, Adhesion  Promoters, Magnetic Materials, Contract Manufacturing

Dr. Detlef Gorski

Dr. Ute Gorski


Tina Gorski, MBA

Ioannis Sonos, M.Sc., MBA

Dr. Detlef Gorski

Dr. Ute Gorski

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Our Strategy

Our strategy is to recognize the needs of our customers, respond promptly and deliver suitable solutions. We are constantly developing our production processes and introduce new innovative products. Product quality and customer satisfaction are our top priority.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop innovative products, create high product quality at fair prices, offer unique product features in simple functionality, as also become even more environmentally friendly. We are also constantly looking to further reduce the use of materials in order to meet a sustainable production process.