SurABond   Special Adhesives

SurA Chemicals GmbH has a long experience in research, development and production of special adhesives. We are providing you with the suitable solution for your specific adhesive problem. Our portfolio of 1- and 2-component adhesives ranges from high-strength, vacuum-tight, low outgassing, chemical resistant to tailored optical adhesives. Beyond the adhesives shown below, also customer-specific adhesive modifications, adjusted to special applications, are possible.

We support our customers at any adhesive concerning questions or problems. We are also offering contract manufacturing  on the adhesive sector performing surface pretreatment, sealing and gluing on prototype components or small up to big manufacturing series. Our portfolio further includes special cleaners as well as different surface pretreatment processes like silication and application of adhesive promoters for the pretreatment of the materials to adhere.   


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Ideal for corrosive materials and electronic components

Ideal for optical components such as lens & filter systems, fiber optic components & microelectronic circuits

Ideal for the autoclavable sealing of endoscopes as well as for solvent-stable adhesions in sensoric & metrology

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Ideal for the electronics industry. Adhesions with high load capacity against polar and non-polar organic solvents and water

Ideal for the climate- and moisture-stable as well as autoclavable bonding of optical fibers, optical components, sensors and microelectronic circuits

Ideal for thermo- / mechanically stable as well as climate-, moisture- and chemical-resistant bonding of ceramic components with each other as well as with metals and glass

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Ideal for the bonding of microelectronic components, especially those working on higher temperatures and climatic strain

Ideal for the temporary bonding of metal, glass and ceramics for the purpose of processing

Ideal for the climate-stable, moisture-stable and autoclavable adhesions of optical components made of glass and quartz, as also of these with metals and ceramics

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Ideal for the bonding of cryogenic elements, such as high-temperature superconductors and other materials with working temperatures ≤ 77K

Ideal for the temporary bonding of optical components made of glass, quartz, metals and ceramics for the purpose of processing

Deblocker for the dissolving of adhesives based on SurABond HH 240

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Ideal for the tention-free adhesion between optical and optoelectronic components made of glass and quartz 

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