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What is Doming?

SurADoming Technology

3D Doming is the production process of a decorative, three-dimensional and highly transparent surface coating deposited on printed or unprinted foil or solid shapes. It is possible to use this technology to raise the effectiveness and the functionality of print, scripts and corporate gifts. doming is, thus, outstandingly suitable for assisting in meeting advertising targets and boosting sales.

3D UV doming resins can be applied on articles with manual or automatic dispensing techniques. While doming, the resin flows up to the edge of the article and is then ready to be cured with UVA-light within minutes.

SurADoming is the innovative technology for the production of doming materials with the SurACer doming resin series. The innovative SurACer 4450 doming material, the new SurACer 4460 doming resin and the SurACer 4497-1 scratch-resistant coating have been developed and produced by SurA Chemicals GmbH and are

distributed worldwide.

The SurACer doming resin series is the application- and environmental- friendly alternative to commercial doming materials based on polyurethane and epoxy resins. Easier on use than any other doming, SurACer doming resin series can be even more effective and sustainable thanks to their new combinations of properties with unlimited application possibilities.

SurADoming is a system combination of:

  • SurACer doming resin

  • Manual and programmable dispensing technology for 3D doming

  • SurALux UV curing technology


The application of the SurACer doming resin series leads to time- and cost savings thanks to the particularly fast curing with the SurALux light-curing technology, the low technical- and cleaning costs for the equipment, as also the immediate use of the end-product.

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The new SurACer 4460 doming resin has lower viscosity, increased adhesion, higher transparency, greater material flexibility and a reduced resin odor 

The SurACer 4450 isocyanate-free doming resin offers an enormous pot-life, excellent adhesion, high transparency, great flexibility and very short material curing-time

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The one-component, non-toxic and scratch-resistant SurACer 4497-1 coating resin provides extremely high scratch-resistance, excellent adhesion, as well as climate stability, processability and very short curing material-time

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