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Contract Manufacturing

We research and manufacture customer-specific coatings and precision adhesives and apply them to various application fields, such as, among others,  on optical, infrared and pressure sensors, as also we bond and passivate magnetic assemblies (magnetrons, rotors).

Individually and according to your needs, we develop coatings, special adhesives and coatings with desired functionalities, for the application on your specific fields.

You can purchase various systems and devices for the effective pretreratment and activation of surfaces for great adhesion, according to our SurASil process. Our spectrum extends from small hand-held fire torchs for small surfaces up to few square meters to semi-automatic pretreatment systems for the large-scale continuous production, manufactured according to customer-specific requirements.

We perform preliminary tests to optimize process parameters on your specific product and, thus, approach optimum results.

For the processing and application of our doming resins, you will receive suitable dispensing and curing technology, which can also be adapted to your materials, application and production requirements.

  • Adhesive bonding techniques

  • Coating applications

  • Surface pretreatment technologies

  • Functional coatings

  • Surface refining technologies

  • Doming technology

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