SurACer  4497-1 Coating Resin


SurACer® 4497-1 is a one-component and solvent-free scratch-resistant coating resin based on epoxy resin. The coating material can produce under UVA irradiation transparent protective coatings for screen- and pad printing, as also inject and transfer prints on plastics, metals, glass and ceramics.

The application of layer-thicknesses between 0.5 – 1.0 mm achieve an optimum result, as far as material properties are concerned.The SurACer®  4497 coating resin is available in special containers of 100, 250, 500 and 1000 ml as well as in 5 and 10 liter cans and is storable for at least 6 months, if stored at room temperature (25 °C) and with light excluded.

The surfaces to be coated need to be cleaned with ethanol or isopropanol, if possible. It is of high advantage to improve the adhesion of SurACer®  4497-1 coating resin, using pyrolytic coating surface-pretreatments with the SurASil® process. The application of SurACer® 4497-1 can be performed with the use of suitable coating techniques, such as brushing, spin-coating, as also by manual or automatic dispensing. The coating resin can achieve a better flow by heating it or, alternatively the surface to be coated.

The curing of the SurACer®  4497-1 is performed under UV-light irradiation. The curing process under UVA light illumination takes 8 to 10 min. with an energy between 3 and 6 J / cm2. This time-period depends on the area of the surface and height of the coating and must be determined experimentally before proceeding to mass production. The product is stackable after its UV curing and can be either transported or used. The post-curing process occurs at room temperature. This time can be reduced by increasing the temperature at 40 to 60 °C.


SurACer® 4497-1 resin guarantees the production of coatings with excellent properties, such as:

  • extremely high scratch-resistance

  • non-toxic constituents

  • very good adhesion

  • excellent climate stability

  • excellent processibility

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