Digital Dispenser DG 1000 T

The DG 1000 T digital dispenser provides reliable dispensing of doming resins and other liquids. The digital dispenser is equipped with fingerswitch and footswitch and allows for functions, such as time-controlled dispensing and retention-vacuum function. It achieves, thus, consistent, accurate and reproducible dispensing results, as also a safe and easy handling.

The DG 1000 T digital dispenser is suitable for the time-controlled dispensing with syringes, manual dispensing

pinch valves, as well as with special pneumatic valves. It is supplied with extensive accessories, such as footswitch and fingerswitch, pressure hose with adapter, syringe with syringe barel adapter, pistons, needle tips, tip caps and syringe stand.


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Digital Dispenser DG 1000 T

For constant, accurate and reproducible dispensing

Product Information

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