Current European Research Projects

INCOM: “Industrial Production Processes for Nanoreinforced Composite Structures”

The INCOM Project is a collaborative project funded by Seventh Framework Programme. The consortium of the project consists of leading European institutes and universities in biocomposites and processing technology, sol-gel development, together with a range of industrial participants from seven European countries.

The project´s topic is the manufacturing and modification of nanocellulose, which will be conducted in a pre-polymer (monomer or oligomer), avoiding incompatibility between aqueous-based nanocelluloses and the incorporated plastics. The resulting homogenous dispersion of the nanofibers in the resin will be cured to composite structures, used as light-weight and high performance components for different applications, such as automobile, aerospace etc..

The role of SurA Chemicals GmbH in the project is:

  • the contribution in development, synthesis and characterization of precursor

  • the up-scaling of the synthesis of coating materials

  • the providing of surface pretreating technologies (SurASil® process)

  •  the testing of mechanical and adhesive properties of coatings and composites.


The INCOM Project is a collaborative project funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement no 608746.


For more information visit www.incomproject.eu

Current National Research Projects

InnoChrom: “New color changing plastics and surface coatings by innovative photochromic dyes – Development of photochromic functionalized surface coatings with high lifetime for the application in resins and coating systems”.

The InnoChrom Project is funded by AiF Projekt GmbH as part of the program “Central Innovation Programme SME” in cooperation with the TITK e.V. Rudolstadt.

The core of the project is the investigation and development of plastics and surface coatings functionalized with photochromic dyes, which change their color under sun illumination. Up to now, materials containing these dyes show limited lifetime and consequently limited applications.

Within the project, the suitable dyes will be structurally modified to enhance their dispersion properties in the matrix and with that their lifetime to achieve high performance photochromic materials.

The role of SurA Chemicals GmbH in the project is:

  • the structural modification of the photochromic dyes

  • the investigation of the photochromic effects of the modifications and the applicability in surface coatings

  • up-scaling of the synthesis.

Research Seal Award 2016 | 2017

SurA Chemicals has been awarded with the research-seal (Forschungssiegel) "Innovative Through Research" 2016 | 2017.

The "Donors' association for the promotion of humanities and sciences in Germany" is the largest private supporter of sciences in Germany and honors research companies with the seal "Innovative through research" for their special responsibility for the state and society.

The "Donors' association for the promotion of humanities and sciences in Germany" examine and evaluate the German research and innovation system, as also they are committed to young academics, excellent universities and advanced research.

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