SurADoming EXPERT Workstation Series

The robot-controlled SurADoming EXPERT workstation series with the SIVARO dispensing-robots with 2-axis, enable the entrance into massive production rates with the doming material SurACer® 4460.

The SIVARO dispensing-robot is a CNC-driven disensing system with several doming operations, such as manual-, automatic-, teach-in, HPLG operations for the production of  the doming articles in various forms. The special software "DOMING" (in several languages) enables different pattern dispensing, such as points, lines, circles, rectangles etc.

The CNC-operated SIVARO dispensing robot is equipped with two-axis (X,Y) for the dispensing process, a special pinch valve, a controller for single or multiple dispnesing operations, as also a positioning laser.

The SurACer® 4460 doming resin is dispensed by means of compressed air and via a special pneumatic pinch valve to the articles to be coated. Depending on the available resin amount, the dispensing process can take place in a continuous operation and for a long period of time.

The special pneumatic pinch valve allows for timed-controlled and reproducible dispensing. In that way, atricles can be uniformly dispensed and with identical hights.

The SurADoming EXPERT workstation series consist of:


  • SIVARO doming robot with 2-Axis and time-controlled dispensing system

  • special pneumatic pinch valve

  • „Doming“ software in several languages

  • 4 x 1 kg non-toxic SurACer® 4460 doming resin with innovative features, sufficient for the production of 4000 labels in sizes between 5-6 cm². SurACer® 4460 is the isocyanate-free, high flexible and UV stable doming resin with a tremendous long pot- and storage life

  • two light-curing boxes with a curing area of up to DIN A3 and ten UVA-tubes for fast curing within minutes, including a DIN A3 baking paper

  • MDG 12 Pressure tank with a content up to 5 kg, providing continuous dispensing operation over a long period of time and flow-rate adjustments, reducing significantly production-times

  • oil-free compressor with pressure up to 6 bar

  • accessories, such as weigh-& mixing cups (5000 ml), propeller stirrers and1 liter Cleaner

  • vacuum plates VP 4530 (450 x 300 x 17 mm)

  • vacuum shelf for up to 5 Vacuum plates

  • vacuum pump VP 1-40

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